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Software Update

A free software designed to inform you of

available software updates for your computer

Software Update

    • Free, small, easy-to-use and highly functional with intuitive interface.

      Provides notifications and information on available software update.

      Supported by a growing software library.

      No personal information leakage.

  • Download Now for Windows | Update: Jul. 06, 2015


The program automatically scans and lists the programs installed in your Computer and checks for new versions of them by connecting to Glarysoft Software library and offers the links for them if available on its program interface.

Fast and Efficient

Glarysoft instead of taking visitor to the product official page, takes user to their software library where all latest software update info is stored.You can download latest version from Glarysoft rather than from official product website

Intuitive Interface

It provides a centralised but intuitive interface, which gathers and displays other relevant information on software updates that you might need.

Media Review

This free software updater will scan your PC and will inform you if it finds a software that hasn't been updated.You will find all the necessary information about the update and you will get a link to update your software to the latest version.


Customer Review

"I like Software Update. Never go to search and check for updates any more. Software Update is really friendly to tell me whether there is a new version and give me the link to download. It saves me a lot of time."


100% Clean

Softpedia guarantees that Software Update is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware,viruses, trojans and backdoors.