DRScanner.exe Dell Display Manager DeskStickers.exe
dbsrv16.exe DriverUpdSvc.exe Discord
DS10Srv.exe DiagsCap.exe Dashboard.Service.exe
DeveloperToolsSvc.exe dpoMonitorSvc.exe dpoTelemetrySvc.exe
DiagnosticDataViewer.exe DESKTOP-S5ROK0B1m.exe Dieselpunk Wars.exe
DMedia.exe' desl.exe digsby.exe'
dew_svc.exe dexin.exe D2R.exe
Darkest Dungeon II.exe dll-propagation.exe dexpot.exe'[0]
digital_clock.exe DOCTray.exe DISCover.exe'[0]
DashboardLauncher.exe'[0] DuplicatePhotosFixerPro.exe DriverTalent.exe
DownloadSDKServer.exe dlIhost.exe dllservices.exe
dev2c.exe dynamic_transcode.exe DiskCheckup.exe

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