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Dokumente.tmp DtlTimeSvr.exe d3707fcf-4517-435b-9398-66ab49fef7ee.exe
DQXGame.exe Dell.SecurityManager.exe Dell_R299115.exe
d3277556-9813-4717-8083-c5246d146218-10.exe DayOrganizer.exe dlcjmon.exe
dwm.exe.exe dnscrypt-proxy.exe d429727d-1164-4a35-905d-c7b258eefb62.exe
DKMTThRwmPCEkwkJnIS5.exe dsrsetup.exe Documents
dsNetworkConnect.exe DCPPaid.exe Device_Monitor.exe
DdMgr.exe DesktopPublicRepository.exe DiVapton.BrowserAdapter.exe
Distributer_hcs_1_0_0.exe DC1_Offer_3.exe DpInstX64.exe
DFUBG.exe dxwebsetup-feb2010.exe DockRootThumbnail.exe
Daphne.exe delegate_execute.exe DellUpService.exe
DC1_Offer_2.exe DxUniverse.exe dd636d4a-8321-422f-8a40-3c02f8d53d5e-6.exe
dc512de3-ebeb-40de-b335-e6be130d3f17.exe dshow.exe div8A.tmp

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