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File Name: dllhost.exe
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The dllhost.exe is a part of DCOM DLL Host Process on Microsoft Windows Operating System. This COM+ hosting process controls processes in Internet Information Services (IIS) and is used by many programs such as the .NET runtime. The most common Microsoft application that uses it is Internet Information Server(IIS), the web server. There can be multiple instances of the DLLhost.exe process running. If you do not believe you are running IIS, you should investigate this further to determine if the application is legitimate and required.
The dllhost.exe process is important for the stability and functionality of MS Windows-based machines since it monitors DLL-based activities in the background. Thus, the dllhost.exe file should not be altered, removed, or renamed in any way. In addition, the dllhost.exe process should not be terminated through the Windows Task Manager. Otherwise, it will result to system crashes, data corruption, and registry damage .

The normal file location is C:\WINDOWS\System32\dllhost.exe /Processid:{02D4B3F1-FD88-11D1-960D-00805FC79235} . Make sure you do not have a file under this name in a folder called "Wins" within the system32 folder, as that is a trojan and virus related file.

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The COM+ hosting process controls processes in the Internet Information Services (IIS) and is used by many programs. It loads .NET Runtime for example. There can be multiple instances of DLLhost.exe.
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This is a component of Microsoft DCOM DLL Host Process. This process aids all programs that run based on its Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated
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if u like crashed computers, disable this feature. if u like glitches, disable this feature
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It's showing as COM Surragate (DLLHost.exe) in my list, is this a virus ?
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Do I disable this ? I dont fully understand what it does or how its needed! :-\
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You should set this service under "Service.msc" runned from the RUN window to MANUAL. The service can also be called "COM+ System Application". Its used by .NET applications mostly and if u Disable this u will have a full time dealing with error messages and when installing/uninstalling some Win Updates for example. Just keep track on the service and run a virus scan if it runs without u doing anything similair to the system or using any programs that could run this service.
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Microsoft Windows COM Surrogate in C:\Windows\System32
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mine is in sysWOW64 should I disable it? im running win 7 home 64bit
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