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File Name: mDNSResponder.exe
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for iphone cellular device
cindy sanborn
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can i disable it idont have any use for it.
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It works with itunes and and skype. Follow the link for more info More information
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Bonjour for the apple/itunes software
Paul Newbery
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This is the description of the Bonjour service from Apple: Bonjour, also known as zero-configuration networking, enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks using industry standard IP protocols. It is a key component of Apple applications (e.g., iTunes and iPhoto), and devices (e.g., Apple TV and AirPort). Developers can easily leverage Bonjour from both OS X and iOS. It is safe, but probably unnecessary More information
Christopher Yoder
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Totally worthless unless you use the itunes bonjour service.
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While Bonjour usually gets installed as a result of installing itunes it is also very useful when used with trustworthy 3rd party applications. For instance in Cygwin(gives you linux-esq commands and dir structure) uses bonjour to enable ssh in windows. it can be a hog, if you only have it for itunes make sure at least to set it to run manual instead of automatic.
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