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File Name: msa.exe
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The msa.exe process is a part of the MS Antivirus, which is a fake antiviral software that usually comes up after you installed a video codec that come with Trojan, malware and virus. 
The msa.exe process is a security risk to the computer system. We recommend you to kill it immediately and scan your computer to ensure it is totally safe again. 
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this program is a virus
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Huge memory usage, believed to be part of a rouge anti-spyware program. IT IS NOT NEEDED!!! More information
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It's the process of MS Antivirus who IS a virus ! It generate popup ans false alert. His goal si you to buy this "antivirus", which is NOT an antivirus, but a Virus ! Put it away ! See this page for more help : More information
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I can't remove it, there is no MSA directory =(
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