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File Name: SLsvc.exe
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The SLsvc.exe process belongs to the Software Licensing Service from Microsoft Corporation, which is a digital rights management utility used to protect digital products from copyright infringement. It allows the download, installation and enforcement of digital licenses for Microsoft Windows and Windows applications.
The SLsvc.exe process is not an essential file to the computer performance. You can stop the service and set it to Manual startup. Then it only runs when you need it.
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Windows Vista licensing. The process forcefully gives private system information to Microsoft without user consent, and is used by Microsoft to disable operating systems. This can be considered an 'official virus / trojan' and is very dangerous, but Vista can't be ran without it.
Steven Danes
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If vista won't run without it.....I guess it wouldn't matter what it is, but it does suck.
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Arseholes - it is micronerd's problem if unlicensed software is doing the rounds, not mine. Why should I pay my ISP to transfer information to microgeek without my explicit consent?
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This is just one of the reasons that Microsoft is in bed with the current Washington Administration as both are out to destroy our right to privacy.
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