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File Name: sntlkeyssrvr.exe
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The sntlkeyssrvr.exe process is an executable file of the Sentinel Keys Server, which is disks and files encryption software from company SafeNet, Inc.

The sntlkeyssrvr.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system. Disabling it or enabling it depends on whether you use Sentinel Keys Server or not.
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I dont know where it came from, i just stopped and my laptop cooled down =)
Imran Haq
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This process is using upto 50% of the CPU's. I did NOT install it and can only assume it loaded itself with something I have downloaded. In the meantime the fan on my laptop is running continuosly and only stops when this process is stopped.
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It's the driver for Sentinel Hardware Kets
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I've killed the process and yet all of my sentinel dongled software still work. So why is this process needed and what is it doing with 25 to 50% of the CPU cycles?
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I had the exact same problem. I uninstalled it and had no problems. My CPU fan was running constantly, and I also had 50% CPU usage while it was running.
no user
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Sentinel dongle server used for Delcam Software
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It's seems a driver program for Sentinel Hardware
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Part of Eclipse Multi User management software used with a hardware security interlock. Does not use any noticeable cpu. More information
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Part of Kofax VRS (imaging software that comes with Scanners). Not sure why it sometimes eats 100% of my CPU.
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