Startup Programs > 욊轆⁳谀•32욈轄Ⅽ谀•xe욎轊≲谀•rD욌轈⍡谀翈͗崀 욊轆⁳谀•32욈轄Ⅽ谀•xe욎轊≲谀•rD욌轈⍡谀翈͗崀
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욊轆⁳谀•32욈轄Ⅽ谀•xe욎轊≲谀•rD욌轈⍡谀翈͗崀 욊轆⁳谀•32욈轄Ⅽ谀•xe욎轊≲谀•rD욌轈⍡谀翈͗崀

Item Name: 욊轆⁳谀•32욈轄Ⅽ谀•xe욎轊≲谀•rD욌轈⍡谀翈͗崀 File Name: 욊轆⁳谀•32욈轄Ⅽ谀•xe욎轊≲谀•rD욌轈⍡谀翈͗崀
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WZUpdateNotifier.exe  WZUpdateNotifier.exe DivX Media Server Launcher  DivXMediaServer.exe WzPreloader.exe  WzPreloader.exe
‎‎الأدوات الذكية على سطح ا  sidebar.exe GamingAPP  SGamingApp.exe SGNMaster Application  SGNMaster.exe
HP Radio Manager  HPRadioMgr64.exe NvProfileUpdaterDaily_{B2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80  NvProfileUpdater64.exe OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-267018200  OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe
Sync Host_29ae29e  svchost.exe BarTender Integration Service  integration.service.exe LauncherMA.exe  LauncherMA.exe
AMD Dual-Core Optimizer  amd_dc_opt.exe AutoIt v3 Script  nnn.exe AdsService  AdService.dll
Avira System Speedup Tray  Avira.SystemSpeedup.UI.Systray.exe msxcxwli.exe  msxcxwli.exe SIV  thermald.exe
i4j3447548974599749090.tmp  i4j3447548974599749090.tmp Genie Backup Agent  GBMAgent.exe WPS_TOOL_AUTO.vbs  WPS_TOOL_AUTO.vbs
G2MUploadTask-S-1-5-21-3207620279-4133854819-39721  g2mupload.exe nheqminer.exe  nheqminer.exe TiltWheelMouse.exe  TiltWheelMouse.exe
EEventManager MFC Application  EEventManager.exe EPSON Status Monitor 3  e_fatibnp.exe TNODUP.exe  TNODUP.exe
LaunchAnywhere  PowerWalker-ViewPower.exe MFS PCFAX Application  KmPcFax.exe Realtek HD オーディオマネージャ  RAVCpl64.exe
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