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4-Day Forecast 4-Day Forecast.exe

Item Name: 4-Day Forecast File Name: 4-Day Forecast.exe
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Paul Ingelmark
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Program till Ventus väderstation Program for Ventus wetherstation More information
Leo Virtanen
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i have lost start-up program and when i try to load that again ventus-cd i will get announcment, that i hane newer version on my pc. that is why the program will not start and i will get also annoucment"setup.msi'in the below" i have VENTUS model:W157. please help me. Regards Leo Virtanen [email protected]
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plus tard
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Indispensable pour Otio 811201
{63C0BC59-584B-40F5-8482-A151FF6F5D86}  NktTransfer.exe {B5CFE5F2-65CF-454E-90C5-6957CB4741F7}  pcalua.exe "C:/Program Files (x86)/Dell DataSafe Local Backup  DSUpdate.exe
{0DD0F100-D74F-4CA8-BD7A-A65D3CE7475C}  HDeck.exe 22939 22939  msviaf.cmd
{29B886D7-9F77-2309-3030-7E2A2E02D8B8}  evzib.exe Служба сведений о подключеР nlasvc.dll Модуль запуска процессов DCO  rpcss.dll
{045E1005-62BB-4A48-9E39-37D32B4EEA1A}  firefox.exe 985153293  msnilgs.exe {9611135C-D0E6-4E50-8E2C-E0F0C4A5A8F3}  iTunes.exe
{091993CA-D7DE-4331-841D-3AE5F7176A6D}  AEL - Happy Empire.exe {1732417A-CD8D-4CCB-A99B-9D9888460F24}  Psrun.exe {2F59240E-B7B0-4E2C-86C3-9AE30698124D}  iron.exe
{36610119-401A-4B80-B8B6-7302BB00BBC7}  Psrun.exe {43798ADA-B454-4E81-80D5-09581D0386FD}  iron.exe {BD94E972-5387-478F-A826-D2DF0DADE99E}  iron.exe
{FE2606DB-8C8A-415F-86FC-AFD82043C267}  pcalua.exe クライアント サイド キャッシュ UI x6  cscui.dll {783A8424-6F93-4DAD-B6AD-20E0546F192C}  pcalua.exe
{8A97E6B5-5FFA-4FCC-9BDD-C3B2ED0FA6B0}  Launch.exe {E0B2D169-0E18-442B-8551-96173D8E7C86}  Launch.exe {0C6E6C9C-755E-4AC9-8F5A-0777D6A2E329}  chrome.exe
179a9b3a-1a10-424c-aefb-fd924d5ab390-1-7  179a9b3a-1a10-424c-aefb-fd924d5ab390-1-7.exe {9C5C69BD-8642-4328-83BE-154D2F64532B}  IPCamera (1).exe {39A9AB58-DEA2-48A1-9DFC-97F8150BFB96}  pcalua.exe
{F8B17A43-DEEA-45AE-854A-A24A1AAE39EA}  pcalua.exe {7A93B484-A67D-4018-B315-247A0448EC88}  pcalua.exe {C76B0AF1-F1A7-4644-BE20-9DA3EC6EA5DB}  iexplore.exe
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