AVG_SYS_TASK_1114avt_DELETE  AVG-Secure-Search-Update_1114avt.exe ASC8_SkipUac_вова  ASC.exe ASC8_SkipUac_Konstantino  ASC.exe
Adobe Speed Launcher  1418152171.exe application  CommandoHQ.Core.dll Application Starter - 8882161c434ab0fd43dca37f474f  innostp.exe
AHT  AHT.exe Application Experience  AeLookupSvi.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1418174437.exe
AUTOSTARTEXECUTE  DvInesAutostartHelper.exe ASC7_SkipUac_Анатолий  ASC.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1418204474.exe
Adobe Speed Launcher  1418205282.exe ActionCenterDownloader.exe  actioncenterdownloader.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1418211879.exe
apagar el ordenador  shutdown.exe Application Starter - 8882161c434ab0fd43dca37f474f  innostp.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1418220279.exe
AmberFix-S-3112005274  AmberFix.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1418221687.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1418259060.exe
Adobe Speed Launcher  1418222789.exe animal-row  animalpage.exe AviraSpeedup  avira_system_speedup_ultimateprotectionsuite.exe
Adobe Speed Launcher  1418235307.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1418237046 Adobe Speed Launcher  1418237905
Adobe Speed Launcher  1418240084.exe AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0-Ezio-PC-Ezio  UpdaterStartupUtility.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1418233983.exe

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