Application Starter - 8882161c434ab0fd43dca37f474f  innostp.exe Application Starter - 8882161c434ab0fd43dca37f474f  innostp.exe Application Starter - 8882161c434ab0fd43dca37f474f  innostp.exe
AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0-HSJ004-mp  UpdaterStartupUtility.exe AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0-HSJ004-mp  UpdaterStartupUtility.exe Atualizações Automáticas  wuauserv.dll
Adobe Speed Launcher  1419895257.exe Ask Update Service   Ask Update Service  
autoupdater  msconfigvm32.exe AmiUpdXp  a23907.exe AmiUpdXp  a23907.exe
AmiUpdXp  a23907.exe AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0-MarysNotebook-Mary  UpdaterStartupUtility.exe Application Starter - f1375f225883e83d52e8db969077  innostp.exe
AupAvUpdate.job  uninstaller.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1419934186.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1418482831.exe
Adobe Speed Launcher  1419948768.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1419952056.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1419955669.exe
Adobe Speed Launcher  1419942026.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1419950234.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1419952764.exe
AvgUpdater1114avi  1114avi_AVG-Secure-Search-Update.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1419963075.exe ArcSoft Connect  ACDaemon.exe
Ashampoo HDD Control 3 Service  HDDC3Service.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1419974917.exe Adobe Speed Launcher  1419974917.exe

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