Agent Activation Runtime_742e0  svchost.exe amadou  kilotons.exe amadouamadou  kilotons.exe
anvil_pierianvil_pieri  Spleens.exe ASC_SkipUac_Nikbin  ASC.exe atS0BNsqFXlg Updater  
At1.job  Pidotecuge.exe ASC11_SkipUac_Petr  ASC.exe ASC_SkipUac_choka  ASC.exe
amd_dc_opt  amd_dc_opt.exe'[0] amd_dc_opt'[0]  amd_dc_opt.exe Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer 20.6  AdobeCollabSync.exe
ADTV Schedule Agent  ADTVScheduleAgent.exe Agent Activation Runtime_1494411  svchost.exe AutoIt v3 Script (Beta)  bieacbh.exe
Agent Activation Runtime_cd932  svchost.exe Adobe Flash Player NPAPI Notifier  FlashUtil32_32_0_0_330_Plugin.exe Accesso dati utente_891f3  svchost.exe
AarSvc_3556d  svchost.exe Adobe Flash Player PPAPI Notifier  FlashUtil32_32_0_0_330_pepper.exe AppVEntSubsystems64.url  AppVEntSubsystems64.url
antifreeze-disorganize  Paschal.exe Agent Activation Runtime_54d176  svchost.exe ASC_SkipUac_tanaka  ASC.exe
AdobeGCInvoker-1.0-ENIGMA-Danilo  AGCInvokerUtility.exe AutoPico Daily Restart  Activador AppleSyncNotifier  AppleSyncNotifier.exe'
AppleSyncNotifier'  AppleSyncNotifier.exe Avast Cleanup UI  TuneupUI.exe AdvancedUpdater  Windows Updater.exe

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