AWC  AWC.exe'A=0 AWC'A=0  AWC.exe AutoIt v3 Script (Beta)  dbafkih.exe
Acesso a Dados de Usuário_ff54f  svchost.exe AutoIt v3 Script (Beta)  fbdcfeg.exe ASC_SkipUac_elke  ASC.exe
ASC_SkipUac_Salvador  ASC.exe Administrador de sesión del Administrador de venta  uxsms.dll AsusSystemAnalysis_754F3273-0563-4F20-B12F-826510B  AsusSystemAnalysis.exe
At32.job  Birul.exe AnyDesk-8c72f822.exe  AnyDesk-8c72f822.exe Agent Activation Runtime_21ac7af9  svchost.exe
Agent Activation Runtime_b8fc7  svchost.exe AUTO_START_IWA  Induxsoft.winAgent.exe ASC_SkipUac_korba  ASC.exe
Add features to Windows Results  UpgradeResultsUI.exe AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0-DESKTOP-UV2KEVA-Home  UpdaterStartupUtility.exe ASC_SkipUac_Francis  ASC.exe
AutoIt v3 Script (Beta)  fjfbebi.exe ALYac Agent Service  AYCAgentSrv.ayc AutoIt v3 Script (Beta)  ckbfchg.exe
Aide Synchronisation WinZip  WzSyncHelper64.exe AutoIt v3 Script (Beta)  dgdkcda.exe Agent Activation Runtime_fa2b90  svchost.exe
Agent Activation Runtime_10312e7  svchost.exe adcfef93-a9aa-4285-ae7c-90b66fb89949  Lenovo.Modern.ImController.exe AutoIt v3 Script (Beta)  bgkdffa.exe
AVG7_CC  AVGCC.exe'A=0 AVG7_CC'A=0  AVGCC.exe Agent Activation Runtime_3a7c3c  svchost.exe

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