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Avast AvLaunch component AvLaunch.exe

Item Name: Avast AvLaunch component File Name: AvLaunch.exe
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Avast launch component! DO NOT DISABLE!
No, I don't think I will.
16 0 Report Abuse
it's an antivirus componen of course it's useful
6 6 Report Abuse
Damn item is UNDELETABLE
3 2 Report Abuse
One of the best antivirus apps out there! You can earn free rewards by asking your friends and families to download it
5 3 Report Abuse
Is delaying your defrag. WHY????
9 3 Report Abuse
I Think this might contain a virus it wont let me make any changes to it? any ideas People
10 2 Report Abuse
Slows the bootup windows down takes about 3 minuates before i can use my pc apart from that is good.
2 3 Report Abuse
ochrana počítače antivir
Rod Tanner
8 3 Report Abuse
I've no idea what this component does or allegedly does, but I know full well 1) it causes serious, Win10x64 corruption that Win10 cannot correct even via Restore; ans 2) there appears to be no way to delete it. I am happy to assit Avast with developing new products, BUT Avast must recognize that it is not appropriate to plague its own paid users with product that should have never been distributed. If it won't work on your systems iot likelyu won't work on ours, and we did not agree to have to spend hours of non-productive, non-billable time discovering that your test product is so seriously deficient it should not have been foisted upon us. I will immediately withdraw my agreement to assist your prodtc tests.
George Edward
5 2 Report Abuse
Avast antivirus is good software, but I think it is an abuse that they commit to users by blocking the option to disable the software in the Windows services module. The only way to stop Avast is to uninstall it.
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