b8e2dbf6-f651-4529-84b2-6113f5365cc5-1  MediaPlayerplus-codedownloader.exe BlockAndSurf_wd  BlockAndSurf_wd.exe Biblioteka DLL rozszerzenia powÅ‚oki magazynu rozs  EhStorShell.dll
BrYNSvc   Baidu PC Faster Service  PCFasterSvc.exe ba497f51-5d0c-4c6a-8f65-55fb9b3a5120-6  Friven_s_Pro_16-novainstaller.exe
bc39018e-d2de-4d68-aa32-0afacbc16f5f-2  bc39018e-d2de-4d68-aa32-0afacbc16f5f-2.exe BaiduJP_Update_{8099779F-A13B-403e-B39A-6513385758  baidujp_update.exe Browsafe  BrowsafeSvc.dll
Browser Manager  sc.exe Browser Updater  WPackageUpgrade.exe BingDesktop  iTunesHelper.exe
Bitdefender Wallet Agent  DVDAgent.exe Bitdefender Wallet  DVDAgent.exe Bluetooth Software.url  Bluetooth Software.url
BFE (Base Filtering Engine)  bfe.dll BoostUpdater  BoostUpdater.exe BFHP  BFHP.exe
BatteryCareAuto  BatteryCare.exe bestspeed  Program BackupNotify  Program
Button Manager B  btnman.exe BCL EasyConverter SDK 3 Loader  becldr.exe BES Client  BESClient.exe
BetterMarkIt_wd  BetterMarkItdPZKZw.exe bt.abw  bt.abw BurliSvc  BurliSvc.exe
Bitdefender Autoscan  mtasklaunch.exe B Register C:/Program Files (x86)/DivX/DivX Plus P  Direct3DVideoOutput.dll B Register C:/Program Files (x86)/DivX/DivX Plus P  Direct3DVideoOutput.dll

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