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Cellular ProvTool.exe

Item Name: Cellular File Name: ProvTool.exe
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Provisioning package runtime processing tool
A Jones
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exe file has an unknown value for win 10 and no information is available. So question remains what is it for?
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linked to provtools , which u can see about Logon so this may be about mobile or also an oldy ?
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Used to allow connection to a cellular data network when available... an eSIMM card may also be required.
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Provisioning package runtime processing tool More information
David Graham
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I am on a desktop and do not interact with a cellular network, so not needed. More information
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Służy do nawiązywania połączeń z siecią komórkową. More information
{00250756-0495-40A4-9999-67E9DAC1C902}  iexplore.exe {29F18B38-666C-4683-90CB-D45827368552}  iexplore.exe {3C653F98-0503-4B7E-8416-B8AB54C4B7F8}  launchwinapp.exe
{41E19937-0386-4A84-B422-440D4D7F819E}  iexplore.exe {470F3230-1374-4D7D-BA16-A67EC56A26FA}  iexplore.exe {EB35B7EC-ED6E-4FCA-AA47-3062166A027E}  iexplore.exe
ホストの同期_d00e4a  svchost.exe {22004050-A35C-D3B2-6346-3A1D18D63C27}  Tuholosahe.exe {236469DD-02F3-4697-BF35-B645794A8583}  pcalua.exe
{D75B9F1F-8A5C-4880-B6E5-0B97793C2365}  chrome.exe 已連線的裝置平台使用者服務_6d616  svchost.exe {57B8BFE9-91C0-E4BA-C1D2-13D2D6971D09}  sync.exe
  ftp://securedcode-001:[email protected] {C915E45A-181A-4448-AA78-E627C97238C7}  chrome.exe {F4202F3B-12C4-4904-9ECD-94EFD3651F50}  launchwinapp.exe
{AEB33F27-F6EC-468E-B672-7832AE64917A}  XRD Manager.exe {A5D4D79E-B128-4455-BD0F-BA78CFBA7CAE}  pcalua.exe {64FFDF7E-5C47-4D1D-AAB5-CC69E3A32042}  msmoney.exe
4f884065c918f07e53dc9c8886b410f5  4c643b6656271424c4d710f4ec5a89f6.exe 已連線的裝置平台使用者服務_3e03a  svchost.exe 07767b14-fb44-4658-a537-ffafedfd28be  Lenovo.Modern.ImController.exe
8Balls Setup   0yxaxgxcdwi.exe Проводная автонастройка  dot3svc.dll {8186DBDE-7241-458B-92F6-5B3459B5737F}  pcalua.exe
  ftp://securedcode-001:[email protected] {497126E8-EB27-4D32-A83C-9F4613C88D6C}  HoyleCardGames2005.exe {E5656F94-10F5-46DE-9BF1-AFAB3A9BAF13}  pcalua.exe
{07327CF3-7FF2-4E77-B830-1C54783D5AB0}  AGCInvokerUtility.exe 0faaa.2e7a93  0faaa.2e7a93 {9721F8E2-1378-4FAA-812D-D9FCA481F5C9}  pcalua.exe
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