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FF_Protection MFC Application FF_Protection.exe

Item Name: FF_Protection MFC Application File Name: FF_Protection.exe
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Usually for Dell computers to attempt to protect the harddrive if sensors in the drive detect a "freefall". Associated with the Accelerometer program. Don't drop your computer. Uses a lot of memory and can cause bluescreens. Consider the pros and cons of uninstalling this. Some malware camoflages itself as this application. More information
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Teams from Microsoft. Can be annoying but if it runs at startup you probably need it.
14CEA136F0DB6F1E4A62EE35BDBB80AE1EE35D04._service_  chrome.exe 823EADEA75B0A1548DF70B57581868B7B9A1F293._service_  chrome.exe {EEB443C2-A869-4AB1-9728-E0C8C4B484EE}  pcalua.exe
{E88FA9B4-3A0D-465C-BDE5-B77E0434947E}  pcalua.exe {E701AA52-9CF9-43E3-A254-B0C0715367E8}  pcalua.exe {0ECF66AB-8E6F-45E7-A8AA-204703DCBCAF}  pcalua.exe
{0DF223CC-2D33-4904-B7B4-671A0C0BC2F6}  pcalua.exe {0269C628-52AC-4DC4-B1D9-30FEB7A43858}  pcalua.exe {43C710EE-FD6E-48F5-B2C4-6485972BE691}  pcalua.exe
Библид`´-t.´,4`4,4`tb4.4`4-t/t.4cÈ4-    EhStorShell.dll {B039B092-C34E-464E-BA63-16B6D50FA4C7}  pcalua.exe {C07406FF-73AE-4F5A-9CFC-F6E3E1A46FAD}  Visual Basic 6 Portable.exe
14367  14367 Возможности пд-4.´.ôc´aô-t/t.4cÈ4`ô`t  wcescomm.dll {4F358C30-6217-4DED-BD4E-FB1CAE577BEB}  uWebCam.exe
{7FAC5631-E3C4-4015-A013-66D4FC6B74E1}  pcalua.exe Агент защиты сетевд,ô/ˆ4-4--=  qagentRT.dll {D6C064B0-CC3F-44E7-ADCA-3CF32AF918FE}  setup.exe
{24D4943F-4572-4E43-B3F5-8CF12E5A497B}  skw98sea.exe {34B81F00-44D0-4393-9CC4-FECA1C7A9FF3}  skw98sea.exe {F3661325-B2FC-44DE-8CA2-C64059321D9C}  skw98sea.exe
Библид`´-t.´,4`4,4`tb4.4`4-t/t.4cÈ4-    EhStorShell.dll Расширения обд.ô/´aô.´. 4/´,t-t`t/ô-  ntshrui.dll Расширения обд.ô/´aô.´. 4/´,t-t`t/ô-  ntshrui.dll
{5C723FCC-8EFA-4DA5-B8EF-4582B961E96D}  DILOSIFOROY12.exe ΠροσαÀs¯3¯ó¬ó«s¬p" >:ßεσίας ακρόΠ SMSvcHost.exe {F400C333-E1B4-40CE-8451-21822038B5C9}  Flashtool-drivers.exe
5CBE25588D2C90CE765630B1EDD433C76DDAE4CA._service_  chrome.exe Диспетчер сеансов диспетче  uxsms.dll {B9703F18-C24D-4B28-BAFA-D290C210F86E}  pcalua.exe
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