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GFI Backup 2009 - Home Edition  GFIAgent.exe GhostStartService  GhostStartService.exe GhostStartTrayApp  GhostStartTrayApp.exe
GhostSurfDelSatellite  DeleteSatellite.exe GhostWall  ghostwall.exe GIDDesktop  gidd.exe
gigabit.exe  gigabit.exe GigaByte  Cheatle.exe GIGABYTE VGA Utility  Utility.exe2_D27BDB5D3B4C44F0A648BD00B0E79B39.exe
Gigabyte Wireless Utility  GNConfig.exe Gigaget  GigagetShell.exe Giganews Accelerator  GIGANE~1.EXE
GilatFTC  ftc.exe GinaDll  ntgina.dll Ginipic  Ginipic.Bootstrapper.exe
GisdnLog  gisdnlog.exe Glary  startup.exe Glary Memory Optimizer  memdefrag.exe
Glary Utilities  Integrator.exe Glary Utilities  startup.exe Glass2k  Glass2k.exe
Glassy Clock II gadget  GLASSY~1.EXE Glide  Glidew32.exe GlobeCom_Full_Client_McciTrayApp  McciTrayApp.exe
GlobespanVirata   GlobeTrotter Connect  GLOBET~1.EXE GLSetIT32  isass.exe
GLSetIT32  msiexec16.exe GLSetT32  smsiexec.exe GLUEADMIN  STUPID EACH.exe

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