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isuspm.exe is a process that belongs InstallShield from Macrovision. The process automatically checks for the latest updates online. By removing this process you will not get informed about the latest updates for InstallShield. More information
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it all depends on what your doing however it may be a good idea to run every once in a while to make sure everything is up to date
20 22 Report Abuse
Not needed. Why look for updates every start?. Run it when you really need. Imagine checking for updates of all your programs when switching on your computer !!
5 6 Report Abuse
A check for updates on every startup is definitely not required.
21 26 Report Abuse
Useless. Update just if you need without hunging up your computer on every startup
Shawn Eghterafi
6 1 Report Abuse
This program just searches for updates anf is safe.
1 14 Report Abuse
This utility is definitely not required at startup. most of the software that comes from Macrovision is a suspect to me. Bundled with other software, it will automatically checks for the latest updates online. The only damage that it can do by removing this junk is that you will not get informed on latest updates for InstallShield.
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part of installshield which looks for updates of certain programs installed on your pc. not needed at start-up because you can manually look for updates each time you use each specific program.
Tippy Maghee
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In my case this dates to the installing of only one program [I won't say which] and in my case, it serves exclusively as a medium for its adware.
73 8 Report Abuse
inutile en plus quand je l'ai ouvert j ai vu yahoo beuh...
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