LenovoVantageService  LenovoVantageService.exe LDSGameMaster  LDSGameHall.exe Lar  Llass.exe'A=0
Lar'A=0  Llass.exe LGUpdateCenter  UCUpdate.exe Lenovo Dynamic Power Reduction Utility  LENOVO.DPRSVC.EXE
LambdaTechSVQ  lambdatechsvq.exe ld  ld.exe'A=0 ld'A=0  ld.exe
Linux'"  Linux.vbs' Linux2121121121212.1  Linux.vbs Launcher  NEJPQLUZ.EXE
LXCEtime.dll,_RunDLLEntry@16  LXCEtime.dll,_RunDLLEntry@16 LdExplorerIcon Module x64  LdExplorerIcon.dll LSSWindowsDomainAccessService  LSSWindowsDomainAccessService.exe
LSSService  LSSService.exe Lenovo ITS Task  LITSSvc.exe LaitisSkipUAC  Laitis.exe
Lietojumprogrammu pārvaldība  appmgmts.dll Lenovo Fundamental USB Keyboard  SklFundKb.exe levequeleveque  jingoism.exe
LxssManagerUser_42fbf  svchost.exe lumada  lumada.exe LoadPowerProfile  Rundll32.exe'A=0
LoadPowerProfile'A=0  Rundll32.exe Launch LgDeviceAgent  LgDevAgt.exe'[0] Launch LgDeviceAgent'[0]  LgDevAgt.exe
Launch LgDeviceAgent  http://www.google.com Lenovo® Multimedia Subsystem Generic Control Utili  lmcsctrl.exe LR Sensor Apache Tomcat  tomcat7.exe

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