LMIR09918001.tmp_r.bat  LMIR09918001.tmp_r.bat Luminati Net Updater (win_eagleget.com)  C: Launcher  '[0]
Launcher'[0]   Launcher  Http://Www.Google.Com Logitech Hardware Abstraction Layer'"  KHALMNPR.EXE'
Logitech Hardware Abstraction Layer2121121121212.1  KHALMNPR.EXE Logitech Hardware Abstraction Layer and 1=1  KHALMNPR.EXE Logitech Hardware Abstraction Layer and 1>1  KHALMNPR.EXE
Luminati Net Updater (win_hola.org)  C: Lenovo® Multimedia Subsystem Generic Control Utili  lmcsctrl.exe Lenovo Power Management Software  EnergyCut.exe
LxssManagerUser_3e6a0  svchost.exe LogiPresentation  LogiPresentation.exe Launcher for CShell java  CShellJavaLauncher.exe
LxssManagerUser_3705f  svchost.exe LXCCtime.dll,RunDLLEntry  LXCCtime.dll,RunDLLEntry Luminati Net Updater (win_wifimouse.necta.us)  C:
Light Sensor ON  Light Sensor_ON V1.0.0.3.exe LxssManagerUser_2343d  svchost.exe LxssManagerUser_7448a  svchost.exe
LifeChat.exe  LifeChat.exe LND-Block-Site-Fake  LND-Block-Site-Fake LvAgent.exe  LvAgent.exe
l.job  Launcher.exe LxssManagerUser_6eff73  svchost.exe Lonanwidroad  lonanwidroad.exe
LxssManagerUser_185d91  svchost.exe LxssManagerUser_1f0265  svchost.exe LGCCStartUp.exe  LGCCStartUp.exe

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