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LogiOptions.exe (UNICODE) LogiOptions.exe

Item Name: LogiOptions.exe (UNICODE) File Name: LogiOptions.exe
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managing options for your Logitech keyboard or mouse
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Needed for Logitech MX Master wireless mouse. More information
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LOgitech Mouse Driver
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Needed Needed if you want your Logitech Options mouse and keyboard to work as intended at startup.
Edwin Beentjes
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Steeds Errors met Opstarten in Windows 7 vroeger ook wel eens nu continu. LogiOptions.exe kan niet worden gestart iets in die geest. Ook kan ik in de App Logitech settings niets meer zien zwart beeld loopt vast nu kan ik ook niet meer zien hoeveel energie nog in de muis zit. Erg vervelend hier kocht ik deze dure muis niet voor.
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Logitech Options is an application that enhances Logitech mice, keyboards and touchpads More information
09d2f095-b00b-4e2a-8f47-83a824a7126a-4.job  09d2f095-b00b-4e2a-8f47-83a824a7126a-4.exe {53D5E287-22E9-4331-BC62-329AED863BB0}  SETUP.EXE {6AC29822-0395-4A74-A07D-8627A9CD8BC3}  pcalua.exe
{31450C69-221A-4E1F-A42D-4EAA203A093D}  pcalua.exe {464702CF-32C9-4E1C-8CCC-305E4EBADF59}  pcalua.exe {B9A53F37-BB22-47C6-8231-42E5700FC179}  Integrator.exe
{9F10E02F-2FE3-4497-B5AE-391C4BD71385}  GetmappingViewer20e.exe 2351FD1056AEAD9FF250267962A0697D4BC0A752._service_  chrome.exe 365B01488906BCD6A1F83C0235125AFBD56FB2C3._service_  chrome.exe
{68874666-EB02-43A2-B585-A3AC0A8C5AC7}  iexplore.exe {87A048EC-470F-4C1F-B16B-79E7F0B40058}  pcalua.exe 2465474953  msfpa.exe
{550DF882-8A01-4536-99BC-D6F454E5E431}  pcalua.exe {B868F182-A00B-4C41-A1A8-5067BF31C81E}  pcalua.exe {F419428D-AB30-4691-9D09-5838355547F0}  pcalua.exe
{41CEDEEE-54AF-4556-A67E-56BD11BEEEF2}  IEXPLORE.EXE {7B28C021-7E8B-45FA-9D92-2DA871210702}  LiveSuitPack_v1.07(suport Window 7).exe {0BEB3D67-41BE-4EEF-AE8C-395E81BEAF73}  mikogo-host.exe
{114BAE76-EFBF-4339-BCAA-81923D021B7A}  Dashlane.exe {28D7D4EE-AE79-4B51-A54E-45B111D33ADA}  Coffee.exe {34445EEF-17F1-4BBC-83D8-494CB97C09EF}  mikogo-host.exe
{3E55882E-42C4-413A-A341-C734AA55E347}  mikogo-host.exe {466A9B4A-6F04-447C-A145-56F9E104BD7A}  Coffee.exe {471C7D58-293B-4B37-8546-C9D88CE0EA74}  Coffee.exe
{48357CA9-C19B-4592-8FB7-8355FD7E657E}  Dashlane.exe {0AD6AA84-5A28-4FC4-BED5-75F5C50AE3F2}  pcalua.exe 1EAA393F4CC47D0C7402DC8E10F7E3E6B7EA8CB5._service_  chrome.exe
{8AA7F927-1308-4397-B6DF-55D8C0FEB839}  pcalua.exe {EFFF9400-676B-4361-AE8C-E04E5B0439BD}  unins000.exe {42A7D6BB-CE68-446B-B30E-6D95F22D3502}  Integrator.exe
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