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NvCplDmn  NAVSVC.EXE NvCplScan  kav32.exe NvCplScan  msc32.exe
NvCplScan  nvsc32.exe NvCplScan  winasp.exe nvctrl.exe  nvctrl.exe
NVHotkey  rundll32.exe Nvid32  Nvid32.exe Nvidex32  Nvidex32.exe
Nvidia Control Panel  RUNDLL32.EXE NVIDIA nTune  nTuneCmd.exe NVIDIA Performance Examiner  nvCplUI.exe
Nvidia32  nvidia32.exe nvidll32  nvidll32.exe NVIEW  rundll32.exe
nviload32  nviload32.exe nvirundll  nvirundll.exe nvjxue  nvjxue.exe
NVmax  NVmax.exe nvmcstogfx  rundll32.exe NvMediaCenter  NvMcTray.dll,NvTaskbarInit
NvMediaCenter  RUNDLL32.EXE NVMixerTray  NVMixerTray.exe nvmsgdwn  NVMSGDWN.EXE
nvpatch  napatch.exe NVRaidService  nvraidservice.exe NVRT  nvrt.exe
NVRTClk  NVRTClk.exe nvscv32  ncscv32.exe nvsv32.exe  asr_fnt.exe

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