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NetFxUpdate_v1.0.3705 netfxupdate.exe

Item Name: NetFxUpdate_v1.0.3705 File Name: netfxupdate.exe
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Would appear to be a valid Microsoft .NET file (see here) but this suggest's it's a trojan?
kiss your priv.gbye
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If you have come across a NETFX NetFX28 Netfx64 error or a bsod where your machines shuts down and attention to what the errors tell you theres more going on then you think.these files are neede to run your system properly your computer will run without them for awhile but will eventually lead to a complete system crash.something is not right in sytem memory in your registry either a network driver or a hidden system netframework main system file was removed or corrupted causing the paging file to leak my suggestion is to 1.first run glary 5 clean files registry .uninstall any blank icon in the control panel \\programs and devices.get rid of all toolbars ,then run glary free space wipe .clean all again and defrag the registry and error check disk. uninstall all netframework or visual c that are old or new with blank icons run the clean registry and even do a manual regedit delete of all leftover files in the reg. associated with what you uninstalled only . and then reinstall a needed newest update of netframe or visual .your system has too many copys of 1 file new and old .. and needs a good days work of cleaning and defrags. or if you don't have anything important format and reinstalls are always best for a clean fast system. p.s don't forget to create a restore point before you do anything.
NvTmRep_CrashReport1_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A8  NvTmRep.exe NvTmRep_CrashReport1_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A8  NvTmRep.exe NvNodeLauncher_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35A  nvnodejslauncher.exe
NPSMSvc_56c70  npsm.dll Nikon Transfer Monitor%27  NkMonitor.exe%27 Naver Whale Elevation Service %28NaverWhaleElevati  
Naver Whale Elevation Service %28NaverWhaleElevati   NPSMSvc_10563a  npsm.dll nWizard_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35AC5B8%7D  nwiz.exe
NvNodeLauncher_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35A  nvnodejslauncher.exe NvProfileUpdaterDaily_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A  NvProfileUpdater64.exe NvNodeLauncher_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35A  nvnodejslauncher.exe
NvNodeLauncher_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35A  nvnodejslauncher.exe NvTmRep_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35AC5B8%7D  NvTmRep.exe NvDriverUpdateCheckDaily_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAE  nvcontainer.exe
NvTmMon_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35AC5B8%7D  NvTmMon.exe NvNodeLauncher_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35A  nvnodejslauncher.exe NvProfileUpdaterDaily_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A  NvProfileUpdater64.exe
NvProfileUpdaterOnLogon_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC  NvProfileUpdater64.exe NvDriverUpdateCheckDaily_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAE  nvcontainer.exe NVIDIA GeForce Experience SelfUpdate_%7BB2FE1952-0  NVIDIA GeForce Experience.exe
Nanias  Adobe.exe New startup  msseoobe.exe ndp48  ndp48
NvNodeLauncher_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35A  nvnodejslauncher.exe NvNodeLauncher_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35A  nvnodejslauncher.exe NvNodeLauncher_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35A  nvnodejslauncher.exe
NvTmRep_CrashReport1_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A8  NvTmRep.exe NvNodeLauncher_%7BB2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35A  nvnodejslauncher.exe NvProfileUpdaterOnLogon_{B2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A  NvProfileUpdater64.exe
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