OpDel  SIMPLE~1 OneLaunch  OneLaunch.lnk Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1685332437  launcher.exe
Opera GX scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1673400036  launcher.exe Opera scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1607877832  launcher.exe OABootManager  OABootManager.exe
Openshell  StartMenu.exe OneSyncSvc_53891  APHostService.dll Opera GX scheduled Autoupdate 1679951526  launcher.exe
OneSyncSvc_5b5ef  svchost.exe Opera scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1621661257  launcher.exe OURegist MFC アプリケーション  オンラインユーザー登録JBP2.lnk
Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1686211810  3020 Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1655849627  launcher.exe OneSyncSvc_303fb  svchost.exe
OGH_Reboot_Required   Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1686565084  launcher.exe Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1687271643  launcher.exe
Opera Stable  chief OneSyncSvc_344cc  svchost.exe OneSyncSvc_2f24c  APHostService.dll
OfficeSvcManagerAddons  dllhost.exe OneSyncSvc_44af6  APHostService.dll Outlook  olk.exe
Opera scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1589047719  launcher.exe Opera scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1586995451  launcher.exe OpenVPN Agent agent_ovpnconnect  agent_ovpnconnect_1675786017207.exe
Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1644037045  launcher.exe OneSyncSvc_48e34  APHostService.dll OneSyncSvc_a23e1  APHostService.dll

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