Opera GX scheduled Autoupdate 1655210258  launcher.exe OneSyncSvc_3fd02  APHostService.dll obupdate  
OneSyncSvc_3a328  APHostService.dll Opera GX scheduled Autoupdate 1695564445  launcher.exe O&O DeskInfo  OODeskInfo.exe
OneSyncSvc_2b600  APHostService.dll Oculus Setup  ma.exe Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1697645751  launcher.exe
ONC/RPC Portmapper  portmap.exe Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1626537463  launcher.exe osclean  skocapi.exe
OSDLauncher  OSDLauncher.lnk Opera scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1671638933  launcher.exe Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1671638930  launcher.exe
OneSyncSvc_46432  APHostService.dll OracleVssWriterXE  OraVSSW.exe OneSyncSvc_7f3d7  svchost.exe
OneSyncSvc_5b5bd  APHostService.dll Opera scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1703176389  launcher.exe OneLaunchChromium  ChromiumStartupProxy.exe
Opera GX scheduled assistant Autoupdate 1686888397  launcher.exe Opera Stable  launcher.exe Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1648744611  launcher.exe
Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1697658127  launcher.exe OneSyncSvc_4a9f1  APHostService.dll Optymalizacja dostarczania  
OpenCloner Ripper 2022 Setup   Xnmhqoi.exe Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1697279159  launcher.exe OCR Aware (32-bit)  Opware12.exe

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