Poderse System  xcoohadom.exe Project1  Onet.exe PrintWorkflowUserSvc_48464  svchost.exe
Post Setup   nubdjfjiygc.exe Palikan seco  "wscript.exe PTLoader  PTLoader.exe
Pragma6Serv  pservice.exe PackageProvider  l1CtUM2wyX.exe ProfessionalCleaningSoftware_Popup  Splash.exe
ProfileReminder 1.0 Application  ProfileReminder.exe pw_ita.vbs  pw_ita.vbs Product Survey  AlienSurvey.exe
Przeglądarka komputera  browser.dll Plays.tv Update Service (PlaysService)   PimIndexMaintenanceSvc_3a43e  svchost.exe
PrintWorkflowUserSvc_3a43e  svchost.exe pmremind.exe  pmremind.exe pepper.exe  pepper.exe
PackageProvider  WbuzuFsHof.exe Performed  Performed.exe Portrail Day  rundll32.exe
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Suppor  wercplsupport.dll Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Suppor  wercplsupport.dll Printer Device Monitor  dldomon.exe
PrintWorkflow_2287ac6  svchost.exe pCloud Drive  pCloud.exe PDF Architect 6 Creator  creator-ws.exe
Pandion  pandion.exe Player Location Check   Passwordeye  

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