Play shutdown sound  powershell.exe P寵ﻇὧ谀節Ѵ F寳ﻁ⁥谀籀Ѵ崀  P寵ﻇὧ谀節Ѵ F寳ﻁ⁥谀籀Ѵ崀 PHKECPF4UR35lzriVQECFk69.bat  PHKECPF4UR35lzriVQECFk69.bat
PrintWorkflow_5a932  PrintWorkflowService.dll PDRStyleAgent  Cyberlink Paper  Senor.exe
Pale Moon web browser  winnsi.lnk PrintWorkflow_ca761  svchost.exe PG Application  Lenovo Motion.lnk
PrimoLTR  by user disabled PenService_155c48  PenService.dll PenetratingPenetrating  dupe.exe
PenService_5f88a  PenService.dll P9RdrService_d0994  p9rdrservice.dll Photo Express -- Calendar Checker  Photo Express SE Calendar Checker.lnk
PrintWorkflow_5a7cc  PrintWorkflowService.dll P9RdrService_6053260  p9rdrservice.dll plasma-profits  bin.exe
precise-promised  plot Pendo_Log_Upload  N P9RdrService_553f5  p9rdrservice.dll
PenService_c38d4  PenService.dll politics-plate  promised Prime95  prime95x64.exe
producing-presenting  prefers Proširenja i obavijesti pisača  PrintConfig.dll PC Information Popup  PC情報ポップアップ.lnk
P9RdrService_1c87fe  p9rdrservice.dll Povezava s telefonom  PhoneExperienceHost.exe PROMT Electronic Dictionary  EDLauncher.exe

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