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PhTray.exe -I_M_PHC4 4D454F5701000000303432F61029E  PhTray.exe -I_M_PHC4 4D454F5701000000303432F61029E PhTray.exe -I_M_PHC4 4D454F5701000000303432F61029E  PhTray.exe -I_M_PHC4 4D454F5701000000303432F61029E ping眲ᚭㄬ谀Შ˽nu眰ᚣ㉥谀㈈̀el眾ᚡ㍒谀ト̀SS眼ᚧ㑟谀㛈̀EL眺ᚥ㔀谀㠈̀CE眸ᚻ㙏谀㒈̀  
P9RdrService_66ba5  p9rdrservice.dll PowerPanel Helper - Help user to save files and lo  ppuser.exe.lnk PostgreSQL Scheduling Agent - pgagent-pg14=pgagent  postgres
PROCﲵ튃⑓耀R_ARﲷ튁╉谀ЫTUﲱ튟☽耀86  PROCﲵ튃⑓耀R_ARﲷ튁╉谀ЫTUﲱ튟☽耀86 PrintWorkflow_1f893a4  PrintWorkflowService.dll ProcessStart  ProcessStart.exe
PfuSsOrgOcrChk Application  In PDF-Datei mit ScanSnap Organizer konvertieren.l PWRMGRTR.DLL,PwrMgrBkGndMonitor  PWRMGRTR.DLL,PwrMgrBkGndMonitor PwmTower.exe --user-data-dir==PwmTower.exe --use  
P9RdrService_16826969  p9rdrservice.dll PenService_16826969  PenService.dll PinnacleStudio25Notifier  PinnacleNotifierWrapper.exe
PrintWorkflow_784e5  PrintWorkflowService.dll PSKeeperService  PSKeeperService.exe PSHttpService  PSHttpService.exe
Prog䒱쯽ㅭ耀File䒯쯳㈨谀ೀψ)  Prog䒱쯽ㅭ耀File䒯쯳㈨谀ೀψ) Pᚓ許ᅧ谀鍀П Fᚑ訿ብ谀钀Пx8ᚗ訽፜谀颀Пmoᚕ註ᑆ谀釀Пs  Pᚓ許ᅧ谀鍀П Fᚑ訿ብ谀钀Пx8ᚗ訽፜谀颀Пmoᚕ註ᑆ谀釀Пs PenService_b133b3  PenService.dll
PenService_6c90a  PenService.dll Proceso host de Windows (Rundll32)  Supervisar alertas de tinta - HP Deskjet 3050A J61 Process Explorer-DESKTOP-OLNETIL-RL W10 Pro 64  PROCEXP64.EXE
PowerDesk Dialog Helper  Dialog Helper.lnk pnaico.exe.20FBBF0A_A7E5_4BDE_9798_9811C3D135AC.ex  pnaico.exe player  V-K_D-J.exe
PrintWorkflow_6c103c  PrintWorkflowService.dll PingBooster  PingBooster Client.exe PenService_528b6  PenService.dll
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