RavTimeXP  US.exe removeTempFiles394943984  cmd rm4gne  panelled.exe
R-Wipe    Rainmeter  Rainmeter.lnk RsKGBhDHTYZBJrxaUkP2  rundll32
Razor 1911 Uninstall 5A00C7.exe  command.com rgb  RGBFusion R01  Example_Cmd.cmd
RixFontCloud  RixFontCloud.exe removeTempFiles8517828  cmd RemotePC Performance Service  RPCPerformanceService.exe
RunAsStdUser_mglaunchersteam_13.2013983  MGL.exe RageMP1  RageMP1.exe Ryzen Controller Autostart.vbs  Ryzen Controller Autostart.vbs
RuDesktop  RuDesktop.lnk ROG Screen Manager  ROGScreenManager.exe ROGScreenManager  ROGScreenManager.exe
removeTempFiles301555718  cmd RenAnServiceUI  RenAnServiceUI.exe RenAn Key Service  RenAnService.exe
RebusDrop  RebusDrop.lnk repppoe  repppoe.vbs ROBM_Startup_TaskMgr  rs
Registration Agent.lnk_FolderCommonAppdata  Infotecs.RegistrationAgent.exe removeTempFiles257078  cmd ReadyForPlugin  ReadyForPlugin.exe
removeTempFiles5485431  cmd removeTempFiles1273703  cmd RealTimes Desktop Service  

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