Serviço do Google Update (gupdatem)  GoogleUpdate.exe SmartDefrag3_Update.job  AutoUpdate.exe SMTray  _E4FFBEBE9A3FC0DBB29788.exe
SupportSoft Sprocket Service (ddoctorv2)  sprtsvc.exe SQL Server VSS Writer  sqlwriter.exe SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-1020219417-2023160345-312191130  rundll32.exe
SimpleFiles Installer Starter  win7_activation_[2013]_downloader.exe Suite Service  FighterSuiteService.exe Software Upd  SoftwareUpdService.exe
Skype C2C Service  c2c_service.exe SNMP-Dienst  snmp.exe Sony Ericsson OMSI download service  SupServ.exe
Scheduled Update for Ask Toolbar.job  UpdateTask.exe SecureAssist  SecureAssist.exe Servizio SNMP  snmp.exe
SwitchReminder  Switch.exe Services Terminal Server  termsrv.dll Service d'indexation  cisvc.exe
SomotoUpdateCheckerAutoStart  update_checker.exe Služba inteligentního pÅ™enosu na pozadí (BITS)  qmgr.dll Software Updater Ui  SoftwareUpdater.Ui.exe
Software Updater  SoftwareUpdater.Bootstrapper.exe Sistema di eventi COM   es.dll SlimDrivers Scan  SlimDrivers.exe
Ssro Service  ssro.exe SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-2088800262-443251830-559785225-  rundll32.exe SProtection  Umbrella261.exe
Servicio de Google Update (gupdate)  GoogleUpdate.exe Service_21  Service_21.exe SmartDefrag_Startup.job  SmartDefrag.exe

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