ScriptBlocking Service  SBServ.exe Service de découvertes SSDP  ssdpsrv.dll Sidebar961  sidebar.exe
SQL Server (RESET2)  sqlservr.exe SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-579610413-2308087658-3587535492  rundll32.exe Sistema di gestione degli account di sicurezza (SA  lsass.exe
SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-298548007-944245723-1703549239-  rundll32.exe Sistema di gestione degli account di sicurezza (SA  lsass.exe SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-1723127874-784261329-2631538923  rundll32.exe
Sistema di gestione degli account di sicurezza (SA  lsass.exe Servizio di rilevamento dispositivi HP CUE  hpqddsvc.dll SQL Server (VIDA)  sqlservr.exe
SoundVolumeHotkeys.{9547D1C7-4F18-4104-8674-046DCD  SoundVolumeHotkeys.exe SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-3246826414-1070104366-817407049  rundll32.exe SetShowNotificationOn  FJPDAutoSet.exe
Servizio Kaspersky Anti-Virus  avp.exe SQL Server Active Directory Helper  sqladhlp90.exe Servicecenter Service  Service.exe
Start Savin-repairJob  wscript.exe Servizio Windows Live Family Safety  fsssvc.exe SSL HTTP  w3ssl.dll
Service Windows Installer  YouShaHD Player Service.exe Serviço de atualização Ask   SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-2589467555-356214836-126545244-  rundll32.exe
SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-389686976-3312338578-1229971008  rundll32.exe SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-4164871-2213489652-4043823337-1  rundll32.exe SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-305056515-2473863882-3106386665  rundll32.exe
sky  bkupSky.exe SafeBox Shell Extensions  SafeBoxShell.dll Servicio Bonjour  mDNSResponder.exe

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