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Additional keyboard shortcuts on MS programmable keyboard
Synchronisierungshost_27a11  svchost.exe Servicio de virtualización de Escritorio remoto de  icsvcext.dll Servicio del sistema de notificaciones de inserció  WpnService.dll
Servizio utente notifica Push Windows_65a52f  svchost.exe Servizio utente piattaforma dispositivi connessi_6  svchost.exe Sincronizza host_65a52f  svchost.exe
Sync Host_7f6ea  svchost.exe ServicioSMTU  WindowsService1.exe SBW_UpdateTask_Time_323538393232393132352d3755556c  wscript.exe
SqmUpload_S-1-5-21-2005159274-3414125628-418271030  rundll32.exe Sync Host_3a95a1  svchost.exe S-1-5-21-977703353-3343643983-407134490-1001  AgentActivationRuntimeStarter.exe
Sync Host_415a8  svchost.exe Serviço de transferência inteligente de plano de f  qmgr.dll Serviços Base de TPM  tbssvc.dll
Serviço SSTP  sstpsvc.dll Synchronizuj hosta_90bcf1  svchost.exe Sincronizar host_f19b8  svchost.exe
Sync Host_51ac972  svchost.exe Sync Host_1154bc3  svchost.exe Sync Host_4e9a6  svchost.exe
Start  StartPortableApps.exe Station Administrator  STATADMN.exe Start Thunderbolt application on login if service   ConditionalAppStarter.exe
Start Thunderbolt application on login if service   ConditionalAppStarter.exe SmartHIDStart.exe  SmartHIDStart.exe S-1-5-21-1474837391-3770175714-1904851669-1002  AgentActivationRuntimeStarter.exe
startwlan.bat  startwlan.bat S-1-5-21-1225390742-3283182454-1651958328-1001  AgentActivationRuntimeStarter.exe Start BoostSpeed on Андрей logon  Integrator.exe
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