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Starter Module Lightshot.exe

Item Name: Starter Module File Name: Lightshot.exe
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A very useful lightweight screenshot application. This should not be disabled as it does not impact system performance.
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Aplicativo para salvar Print Screen More information
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Lightshot Starter Module doesn't affect your performance by much at all, wouldn't suggest turning it off.
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Отличное приложение для создания скриншотов
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works great no start lag
1282062120  mshovh.exe 7c1f0781-e46a-4214-9ddf-6a05c92de23c-1  Savepass 2.0-codedownloader.exe {4AFDD8A5-4C40-4E8B-AC24-8C8094C6F75C}  pcalua.exe
{004DC752-0279-486C-9FD8-094D82F13F4B}  pcalua.exe {50AD94D1-AEC6-4794-A838-9D2479BEB429}  pcalua.exe Инструментарий управления   WMIsvc.dll
10b339b6-3ab4-40bf-afc0-ddb6d37d3abb-1  Cinema Video 1.8V13.01-codedownloader.exe {6472EC22-FBC2-4B06-87BE-5F1BCCEDD3CD}  glary-utilities_setup (1).exe 4965  wscript.exe
{333B11F7-0711-4E1F-BAC2-EB3C89A2AAF8}  pcalua.exe {3267DA88-A090-4C09-B621-70E3173AD5DD}  MGSysCtrl.exe {FCCFF995-6D6C-4B40-9642-E411B2895CB2}  pcalua.exe
{FBFF03FF-8471-4A74-83ED-4ABA055B27AF}  pcalua.exe {D8F7AD5F-3F23-4790-B2C4-F15D2AFFFB23}  pcalua.exe {E3BC6AF5-E46B-4CC6-BF6A-84F6C00C1271}  iexplore.exe
{AC44C355-7E37-48A8-BBBE-5A8CD04C6450}  pcalua.exe {976F4974-3C45-4901-8A7F-A4A6988AF77C}  pcalua.exe {0E090F5B-5D05-4571-B3E9-5335F6520E2C}  iexplore.exe
{3F6A83A7-AA6A-4325-A265-0F6167E4D7A8}  pcalua.exe {239BB759-577B-4687-8E52-849786B300BB}  Skype.exe 6798e364-1186-436e-8e6a-814fc0bbe3a2-1  Discount_Frenzy-codedownloader.exe
6798e364-1186-436e-8e6a-814fc0bbe3a2-11  6798e364-1186-436e-8e6a-814fc0bbe3a2-11.exe 1EA4764573C7D135F0FD54F87691EC105B9B7CFF._service_  chrome.exe  UpdateChecker.exe
Планировщик классов мульти  mmcss.dll {A5301BC4-01C6-4A72-AB55-73673E394A05}  GrimmGame.exe {809AF3F5-F07E-4969-9F6E-7A68E8876482}  GrimmLauncher.exe
{689023ED-269A-41AA-B34D-0088131D7DC5}  Foxit Reader.exe {EC85F8A2-9420-490A-A77A-E145EC11CE10}  pcalua.exe {8C0F5EE9-FF46-45B5-AF77-B47F9BC1B778}  pcalua.exe
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