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Steam Client Bootstrapper steam.exe

Item Name: Steam Client Bootstrapper File Name: steam.exe
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Highly recommended if you have applications or games purchased via Steam otherwise you would not be able to play them. I do recommend delaying the start time using either Glary Utilities Delay Startup or another program that allows you to delay startup programs until other system processes are fully loaded.
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you can always start it later.. if you have a great pc config then leave it be.
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Very useful if you use Steam to chat or game a lot, otherwise it should be turned off.
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Uruchamia program Steam i działa w tle.
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Good software but doesnt need to be started at startup.
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лучше запускать вручную
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Steam is a useful sock-drawer for all your software (not just games) that's for sure - and having it ready and waiting at bootup can be convenient if you regularly use it. Those of us, who are weekend-gamers can just start it manually when we need it.
Dyllan K
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if you have it installed you probably want it to start when your computer does
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If you play Steam games regularly, it may be considered useful. You can disable this if you don't mind manually opening the Steam client.
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