Time_Correction_Indian_Mayotte  cmd.exe t x64  t takeown.exe  takeown.exe
TransTaskbar.exe  TransTaskbar.exe TODO%3A %3CFile description%3E x64  iconOverlay.dll Task_ShellExecuteAs  ZumSetInst.exe
TotalMedia Backup Monitor  UBBMON%7E1.EXE t94cwo  Nutty.exe tishell64_25_0_39230.dll x64  tishell64_25_0_39230.dll
Twitch Service  TwitchService.exe This service enables products that use the Nalpeir  nlssrv32.exe TrayIt%21 Helper  Tev.lnk
Tib Mounter Service   TrayIt%21 Helper  Rav.exe Title  RAPID uninstall cleanup using key [0001]
Twinkle  Twinkle Tray.exe tishell64_26_0_39450.dll x64  tishell64_26_0_39450.dll Telefon%C3%ADa  tapisrv.dll
Total%20Commander%2032  TOTALCMD.EXE T-DSL%20SpeedMgr  SpeedMgr.exe TVT%20Scheduler%20Proxy  scheduler_proxy.exe
TrayIt%21  TrayIt%21.exe TurboNote  tbnote.exe'[0] TurboNote'[0]  tbnote.exe
Title  RAPID uninstall cleanup using key %5B0001%5D tclock.exe  tclock.exe - %E3%82%B7%E3%83%A7%E3%83%BC%E3%83%88% traicon MFC Application  Alchemy Elixir.lnk
TQCertClient.exe  TQCertClient.exe Third PC  Third PC TODO%3A %3CFile description%3E x64  OverlayIcon64.dll

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