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Item Name: update File Name: update.exe
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RAMBOX, I like this software, but have no option to disable auto updates, so I think you can close it, since you can verify manually
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Update server for Discord
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Discord update
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discord update
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Updatre for Fiscord.. safe
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Github auto update service, can be safely disabled
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This is Discord uodate program More information
Martyn Higgs
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This startup entry is used by Firetrust VPN product HideAway. It is used to check if the applications needs updating More information
Rory Dobson
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Discord auto-update
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It's discord, that's it.
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User_Feed_Synchronization-{0DC6F78A-1DCF-48B1-8C55  msfeedssync.exe Usługa inspekcji sieci Programu antywirusowego Mic  NisSrv.exe Usługa inspekcji sieci Programu antywirusowego Mic  NisSrv.exe
User Energy Server Service queencreek   Uninstaller_SkipUac_laurie  IObitUninstaler.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{4B13AB07-74C7-4464-A013  msfeedssync.exe
uTray.exe -auto  uTray.exe -auto User_Feed_Synchronization-{AFDD8A6D-ED0A-4B87-934A  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{827D4711-1B1C-4FC5-BB89  msfeedssync.exe
User_Feed_Synchronization-{CC28783B-4B73-4B37-92F4  msfeedssync.exe Udk User Service_cedf1c  windowsudk.shellcommon.dll User_Feed_Synchronization-{21CFABE3-6F9C-4787-826B  msfeedssync.exe
User_Feed_Synchronization-{AC5206B3-DEB6-418E-B726  msfeedssync.exe uzpob.idkicatr  jlep.lnk User_Feed_Synchronization-{DB9125AA-F0A7-40C0-8A48  msfeedssync.exe
update-S-1-5-21-1072492858-2820800954-2608630280-1  Updater.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{B76945DF-72EF-4988-9332  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{45855C58-65A7-4D3F-8F2A  msfeedssync.exe
Uninstaller_SkipUac_ballz  IObitUninstaler.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{50F005D1-F93C-4CC0-B0A7  msfeedssync.exe Usługa inspekcji sieci Programu antywirusowego Mic  NisSrv.exe
User_Feed_Synchronization-{2B41B2ED-F70C-4118-82F8  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{8CF14F97-CB1A-405A-9937  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{8CF14F97-CB1A-405A-9937  msfeedssync.exe
User_Feed_Synchronization-{9B02C140-E9B8-4D2C-BFBF  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{4486E246-328E-42DD-9307  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{29ECC34A-1E5F-4160-AB96  msfeedssync.exe
Usᮼ靬㭳耀granᮾ靪㱏耀eDrive  Usᮼ靬㭳耀granᮾ靪㱏耀eDrive User_Feed_Synchronization-{A926114F-5388-44FA-BACA  by user disabled UnistoreSvc_4fd4d  svchost.exe
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