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UPnPHostConfig sc.exe

Item Name: UPnPHostConfig File Name: sc.exe
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Dan Loman
96 107 Report Abuse
what is this?
Franciszek Jacuka
37 19 Report Abuse
Only needed in some rare cases
1 9 Report Abuse
连接即插即用设备需要的服务 usb口用的
24 0 Report Abuse
UPnPhost service simply looks for devices such as printers, scanners and such that are on a network for your computer to connect to. if your not on a network then you don't need it. I disable it, manually add printers ur self
Alexandre Feu
5 2 Report Abuse
Segundo informaçoes - veja abaixo - vou desativar na inicialização "O serviço UPnPhost simplesmente procura dispositivos como impressoras, scanners e outros que estejam em uma rede para a conexão do seu computador. se você não estiver em uma rede, não precisará dela."
User_Feed_Synchronization-{40E7785B-CF32-4B6E-A8D4  msfeedssync.exe UeKRAIXpE8.exe  UeKRAIXpE8.exe UninHKLM1510477365-4.reg  UninHKLM1510477365-4.reg
User Data Access_2445d  svchost.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{7081E722-9775-4422-9E6C  msfeedssync.exe Uninstaller_SkipUac_Super  IObitUninstaler.exe
Uninstall C:/Users/Carol/AppData/Local/Microsoft/O  cmd.exe Uninstall C:/Users/matukawa/AppData/Local/Microsof  cmd.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{45CD33AD-7DA6-4866-B03D  msfeedssync.exe
User_Feed_Synchronization-{FCAC00F2-3145-453A-A275  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{FCAC00F2-3145-453A-A275  msfeedssync.exe UnistoreSvc_41e20  svchost.exe
User_Feed_Synchronization-{A74D1A1E-7BF1-4B88-941E  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{4F0B1E81-FEBE-4DB2-BF85  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{4F0B1E81-FEBE-4DB2-BF85  msfeedssync.exe
User_Feed_Synchronization-{322E89A3-92D1-47EA-9E2B  msfeedssync.exe User Data Storage_60247  svchost.exe Uninstaller_SkipUac_Branns_Desktop  IObitUninstaler.exe
update-S-1-5-21-2069728153-1859485239-1152119248-1  Updater.exe Uninstaller_SkipUac_GPSW  IObitUninstaler.exe Uninstall 18.131.0701.0007  cmd.exe
User_Feed_Synchronization-{73FF0793-924E-43C2-9DD2  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{73FF0793-924E-43C2-9DD2  msfeedssync.exe User Data Access_6c9a6a  svchost.exe
User_Feed_Synchronization-{6DCDA83B-7AE4-47C8-AA2F  msfeedssync.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{5C0058BA-B38E-4149-94B3  msfeedssync.exe update-S-1-5-21-32979794-3974474032-2088917372-100  Updater.exe
User_Feed_Synchronization-{C7880CF4-D7B7-4F28-A852  msfeedssync.exe Uživatelská služba nabízených oznámení Windows_93c  svchost.exe User_Feed_Synchronization-{B0F7709E-0AE7-4EA4-A560  msfeedssync.exe
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