Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor   wvbackup.exe Webhost.url  Webhost.url Windows 命令處理程式  cmd.exe
Windows 명령 처리기  cmd.exe WSP  heavy weather.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_2f7fb26  svchost.exe
Windows Push Notifications User Service_537c6  svchost.exe Windows Defender Helper Service (Windows 1703 Crea  windefender.exe Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Frame  WUDFSvc.dll
Webcam Central  WebcamDell2.exe Windows-Sofortverbindung - Konfigurationsregistrie  wcncsvc.dll Windows Presentation Foundation-Schriftartcache 3.  PresentationFontCache.exe
Windows Defender Antivirus-Netzwerkinspektionsdien  NisSrv.exe wruninstall.exe  wruninstall.exe wlanutil.exe  wlanutil.exe
Windows Push Notifications User Service_58198  svchost.exe Windows 8 Start Button Application  StartW8Button.exe WpnUserService_479ef  svchost.exe
WDCertLZB.exe  WDCertLZB.exe WindowsFormsApplication1  d8221ef3c4d8aa66ff14b970e95c0295.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_6bad1b  svchost.exe
Windows-Sofortverbindung - Konfigurationsregistrie  wcncsvc.dll Windows Push Notifications User Service_19ca51  svchost.exe WRITEit  WRITEit.exe
WindowsApplication2  loader.exe WpnUserService_4b8ce  svchost.exe waterfall2_demo.exe  waterfall2_demo.exe
Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Frame  WUDFSvc.dll wallpaper32.exe  wallpaper32.exe  UpdateChecker.exe

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