Windows) AND 6012 IN (SELECT (CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)+  Windows.exe Windows)) AND 6012 IN (SELECT (CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)  Windows.exe Windows AND 6012 IN (SELECT (CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)+C  Windows.exe
0  Windows.exe 0  Windows.exe Windows") AND 6012 IN (SELECT (CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)  Windows.exe
Windows" AND 6012 IN (SELECT (CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)+  Windows.exe 0  Windows.exe Windows AND 6012 IN (SELECT (CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)+C  Windows.exe
Windows) AND 1368=CONVERT(INT,(SELECT CHAR(113)+CH  Windows.exe Windows)) AND 1368=CONVERT(INT,(SELECT CHAR(113)+C  Windows.exe Windows AND 1368=CONVERT(INT,(SELECT CHAR(113)+CHA  Windows.exe
Windows") AND 1368=CONVERT(INT,(SELECT CHAR(113)+C  Windows.exe Windows" AND 1368=CONVERT(INT,(SELECT CHAR(113)+CH  Windows.exe Windows AND 1368=CONVERT(INT,(SELECT CHAR(113)+CHA  Windows.exe
Windows) AND 2606=CONCAT(CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)+CHAR(  Windows.exe Windows)) AND 2606=CONCAT(CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)+CHAR  Windows.exe Windows AND 2606=CONCAT(CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)+CHAR(9  Windows.exe
0  Windows.exe 0  Windows.exe Windows") AND 2606=CONCAT(CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)+CHAR  Windows.exe
Windows" AND 2606=CONCAT(CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)+CHAR(  Windows.exe 0  Windows.exe Windows AND 2606=CONCAT(CHAR(113)+CHAR(113)+CHAR(9  Windows.exe
Windows) AND 5139=(SELECT UPPER(XMLType(CHR(60)||C  Windows.exe Windows)) AND 5139=(SELECT UPPER(XMLType(CHR(60)||  Windows.exe Windows AND 5139=(SELECT UPPER(XMLType(CHR(60)||CH  Windows.exe
Windows") AND 5139=(SELECT UPPER(XMLType(CHR(60)||  Windows.exe Windows" AND 5139=(SELECT UPPER(XMLType(CHR(60)||C  Windows.exe Windows AND 5139=(SELECT UPPER(XMLType(CHR(60)||CH  Windows.exe

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