webthreatdefusersvc_78833  webthreatdefusersvc.dll WpsUpdateTask_BCard  wpsupdate.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_504b8  svchost.exe
Windows-Desktopgadgets  Sidebar206.lnk Wipe  Wipe64.exe WkSvMgr.exe  Network Server.lnk
webthreatdefusersvc_60517  webthreatdefusersvc.dll WpnUserService_360f3  svchost.exe WpnUserService_5a7e1  WpnUserService.dll
WSL Service  wslservice.exe WGestures 2  WGestures 2.lnk Web Control Extension  RemoteExtension.exe
winhts  zlauncher.exe WindhawkRunUITask  windhawk.exe Wise Turbo Checker.job  Microsoft
WpnUserService_50fb9  WpnUserService.dll WDUSBKeyTool  WSHDUSBKeyTool.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_2a0c2763  svchost.exe
wldap32  wldap32.js WPSHWPBC  USB Windows-Desktopgadgets  Sidebar41.lnk
WSUpdateHelper  WSUpdateHelper.exe Windows Start-Up Application  ‍ ‎  .scr Windows-Desktopgadgets  Sidebar446.lnk
WpnUserService_428ab  WpnUserService.dll Wallpaper  backiee - Atalho.lnk WDBXN  stahvj8lzop_rix.exe
WpnUserService_3f111  WpnUserService.dll WebDiscover Launch Task  browser.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_49b1ac9  WpnUserService.dll

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