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Windows(R) Statistics Service WinSTAT.exe

Item Name: Windows(R) Statistics Service File Name: WinSTAT.exe
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Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Frame  WUDFSvc.dll WpnUserService_33ff8  svchost.exe Windows uzlabotās atmiņas čaulas paplašinājuma DLL  EhStorShell.dll
Windows pašpiegādes paziņojumu pakalpojums lietotā  svchost.exe Windows drošības pakalpojums  SecurityHealthService.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_83bae  svchost.exe
Windows Push Notifications User Service_5df77  svchost.exe WpnUserService_2d10a  svchost.exe watch.jar  watch.jar
Windows Push Notifications User Service_427df  svchost.exe WSNn.url  WSNn.url WpsNotifyTask_John  by user disabled
Windows Push Notifications User Service_6a0f0  svchost.exe WebCompanion.exe  WebCompanion.exe Windows Search  WindowsSearch.exe'[0]
Windows Search'[0]  WindowsSearch.exe Windows Search Windows Push Notifications User Service_19062dc  svchost.exe
Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Frame  WUDFSvc.dll Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Frame  WUDFSvc.dll WpsExternal_NA_20200319113651  wps.exe
Windows Push Notifications User Service_849a0f  svchost.exe Windows-Pushbenachrichtigungs-Benutzerdienst_b698a  svchost.exe WpnUserService_48c8f  svchost.exe
Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation   audiodg.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_3db95c  svchost.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_496c5  svchost.exe
WpnUserService_696f4  svchost.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_1e3a495  svchost.exe Windows-Shellerweiterungs-DLL für erweitertes Spei  EhStorShell.dll
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