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Winﷰ閲ቷ谀㤰ҏysﷲ閰፭踀 Winﷰ閲ቷ谀㤰ҏysﷲ閰፭踀

Item Name: Winﷰ閲ቷ谀㤰ҏysﷲ閰፭踀 File Name: Winﷰ閲ቷ谀㤰ҏysﷲ閰፭踀
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WMUAgent.exe  WMUAgent.exe Windows Desktop Gadgets  Sidebar151.lnk Windows Push Notifications User Service_9eaf9  WpnUserService.dll
Windows host process (Rundll32)  Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 3050 J610 series.l Windows host process (Rundll32)  Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 2050 J510 series.l Windows-Shellerweiterungs-DLL für erweitertes Spei  EhStorShell.dll
WindowsTaskCoreUpdate  198F58E4DD794E649A359BE1BE8C72E0.vbe WpnUserService_22deb  WpnUserService.dll WpnUserService_278f0  svchost.exe
Windows 10 Manager - Optimization Wizard  OptimizationWizard.exe Windows Shell-uitbreidings-DLL voor Beveiligde ops  EhStorShell.dll WpnUserService_27085  WpnUserService.dll
WinCC Runtime Advanced Module: StartCenter  StartCenter.lnk WpnUserService_3fab6  svchost.exe WpnUserService_71914  svchost.exe
WpnUserService_4b381  WpnUserService.dll WpnUserService_547f5  WpnUserService.dll WpnUserService_239f2  svchost.exe
Windo᭧Ŀ贈਑赨溉>  Windo᭧Ŀ贈਑赨溉> wi6aoph2qsnc  schtasks Windows Push Notifications User Service_414c2  WpnUserService.dll
Windows Push Notifications User Service_459a9  WpnUserService.dll winhlpsrv32.exe  winhlpsrv32.exe wscript /B  wscript
Windows host process (Rundll32)  Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Officejet 4630 series.lnk WpsUpdateTask_Dinas Sosial  wpsupdate.exe Wಿ㑤耀wsApಽ㔀谀ӈHEಣ㘽耀COM;ಡ㝘耀;.BAಧ㠮谀퐰Ӌ;.ಥ㥓谀ӈBE  Wಿ㑤耀wsApಽ㔀谀ӈHEಣ㘽耀COM;ಡ㝘耀;.BAಧ㠮谀퐰Ӌ;.ಥ㥓谀ӈBE
Windows Shell-uitbreidings-DLL voor Beveiligde ops  EhStorShell.dll Windows-Shellerweiterungs-DLL für erweitertes Spei  EhStorShell.dll Windows Push Notifications User Service_5f947  svchost.exe
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