Startup Programs > W່䂽ᑄ耀WS;Cໆ䂿ᕗ耀NDOWໄ䂡ᙓ谀Չemໂ䂣᝜谀Ռm;ເ䂥ᡜ谀ՉDOໞ䂧ᥜ踀 W່䂽ᑄ耀WS;Cໆ䂿ᕗ耀NDOWໄ䂡ᙓ谀Չemໂ䂣᝜谀Ռm;ເ䂥ᡜ谀ՉDOໞ䂧ᥜ踀
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W່䂽ᑄ耀WS;Cໆ䂿ᕗ耀NDOWໄ䂡ᙓ谀Չemໂ䂣᝜谀Ռm;ເ䂥ᡜ谀ՉDOໞ䂧ᥜ踀 W່䂽ᑄ耀WS;Cໆ䂿ᕗ耀NDOWໄ䂡ᙓ谀Չemໂ䂣᝜谀Ռm;ເ䂥ᡜ谀ՉDOໞ䂧ᥜ踀

Item Name: W່䂽ᑄ耀WS;Cໆ䂿ᕗ耀NDOWໄ䂡ᙓ谀Չemໂ䂣᝜谀Ռm;ເ䂥ᡜ谀ՉDOໞ䂧ᥜ踀 File Name: W່䂽ᑄ耀WS;Cໆ䂿ᕗ耀NDOWໄ䂡ᙓ谀Չemໂ䂣᝜谀Ռm;ເ䂥ᡜ谀ՉDOໞ䂧ᥜ踀
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Windows Search  WindowsSearch.exe'A=0 Windows Search'A=0  WindowsSearch.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_80ea8ed  svchost.exe
Windows Push Notifications User Service_117360  svchost.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_4d8c1  svchost.exe WpnUserService_625f5  svchost.exe
Windows-Shellerweiterungs-DLL für erweitertes Spei  EhStorShell.dll WD Anywhere Backup  MemeoLauncher2.exe'A=0 WD Anywhere Backup'A=0  MemeoLauncher2.exe
Windows Shell-uitbreidings-DLL voor Beveiligde ops  EhStorShell.dll Windows Shell-uitbreidings-DLL voor Beveiligde ops  EhStorShell.dll WpnUserService_61150  svchost.exe
Windows Push Notifications User Service_68c77  svchost.exe WpnUserService_8294f  svchost.exe WpnUserService_34b6a  svchost.exe
Windows Push Notifications User Service_760d7  svchost.exe Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Frame  WUDFSvc.dll WpnUserService_41d06  svchost.exe
Windows Push Notifications User Service_c2581  svchost.exe WpnUserService_441e7  svchost.exe Web打印插件  Web打印插件.exe
Windows Push Notifications User Service_81390b  svchost.exe Windows UI auditing  Kidlogger.exe WpnUserService_37a39  svchost.exe
Windows Push Notifications User Service_9da5b  svchost.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_4708e  svchost.exe Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Frame  WUDFSvc.dll
Windows Defender Antivirus Network Inspection Serv  NisSrv.exe WpnUserService_3559a  svchost.exe Windows Push Notifications User Service_ca07fa  svchost.exe
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