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plugincontainer.exe plugin_host.exe prl_deskctl_agent.exe
PortManager.exe Pangu_v1.1.exe Persbackup.exe
PEAgentMonitor.exe PusherService.exe PTstartmon.exe
PagePlus.exe physx3_x64.exe PCtransfer.exe
PCSpeedBoost.exe pGAViooOeF.exe PicexaSvc.exe
platinum.exe Producer.exe PISupervisor.exe
PopService.exe penguinAdb.exe POLinkSync.exe
PPT2Video Pro.exe pbtray.exe Pogumax Designer.exe
PPSGame.exe PSEVENTS.EXE pcmechanicpm_7037187_.tmp
pm-standalone-setup.tmp pm-standalone-setup.exe PathOfExileSteam.exe
PPSDynamicDesktop.exe PowerDVD15Agent.exe Performance Tweak Agent.exe
PushNotify_PCCtrl.exe ps.exe" pfmstat.exe

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