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File Name: PSIService.exe
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PSIService.exe is a process that belongs to Protexis Licensing service which provides copy protection and license management function. Protexis is a third-party technology partner that Corel has engaged to provide product licensing protection. Thus, this process is usually installed by other software that needs this to provide copy protection, trial downloads and even product registration for its users. This process is also used by the Protexis system for Corel products, controlling the time out period of the trial and other license management issues. The process won't connects to Internet unless it is activated, and it is usually located in the 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\' folder and has a size of 174656 bytes.
PSIservice.exe is not a critical component. It is also recommended that it should not be removed as it may be used by both Corel and non-Corel softwares for license management. If it is removed/disabled, it may cause software to stop working.

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Looks like spyware. Bad, bad, BAD Corel. DO NOT WANT. More information
Alejandro Lopez
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Isn't Spyware. But it should be uninstalled automatically when you removes Corel software, and doesn't do. It's more like a rootkit or something. Is easy to remove, just 2 files and some registry lines. But if you removes it whit corel software running you lose your trial period, or maybe, your license.
R. Smith
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im blocking it, regardless. if it keeps me from running a Corel product i'll find an open-source alternative, shouldn't be too hard LOL
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It's dangerous for your privacy,cause it works as a spyware,better to delete it
Johan Kotze
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dont realy know but it uses 32% cpu better to delete
Tim A
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License verification software, installed when I installed Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 Photo. See More information
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Faz parte do sistema de licença do Paint Shop Pro ( Corel ).
Alex Rodriguez
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It is part of the Secunia Security program. It's not spyware. It advises of software that are considered insecure and will provide you to a link if an update is available. Doesn't have spyware. More information
Impius Nex
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Digital signature for the file indicates that this is a product of 'Protexis Inc.' After reading about their business, I beleive this would fall under their "Persistent software protection" More information
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