Agent Activation Runtime_13eb12f  AarSvc.dll Assistente de aquisição de imagens do Windows (WIA  wiaservc.dll acoustic'  acoustic.exe
Accesso dati utente_15891d3  userdataservice.dll Accesso dati utente_8e10d  userdataservice.dll Accès aux données utilisateur_49760  userdataservice.dll
Asusgiftbox.exe --no-displaying-insecure-content    AarSvc_42644  AarSvc.dll AutoLanguages  startup.exe
Agent Activation Runtime_ca7d8  AarSvc.dll Agent Activation Runtime_3b10c  AarSvc.dll ALDuish  cmd.exe
Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer 20.4  AdobeCollabSync.exe AarSvc_4cff7  AarSvc.dll AarSvc_63102  AarSvc.dll
Acesso a Dados de Usuário_6c76a7  userdataservice.dll adA  chrome.exe amMsg  CMD
AVerMediaCenterServer  VoiceEngine Service.exe Acceso a datos de usuarios_4645b67  userdataservice.dll Accès aux données utilisateur_3f880  userdataservice.dll
Administrador de sesión del Administrador de venta  uxsms.dll a0972107-31e5-41c7-9b3c-1abe01b4f114  Lenovo.Modern.ImController.exe Avast Secure Browser Elevation Service (AvastSecur  elevation_service.exe
AdobePSE19AutoAnalyzer  Elements Auto Creations 2021.exe Agent Activation Runtime_61ffc  AarSvc.dll ActiveSync-NortonUtility  ActiveBridge.exe
AarSvc_27261  AarSvc.dll Acceso a datos de usuarios_5aefe  userdataservice.dll Almacenamiento de datos de usuarios_5aefe  unistore.dll

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