com.squirrel.artpip.Artpip  app CDPUserSvc_4c22d  CDPUserSvc.dll CCleanerSkipUAC - A  CCleaner.exe
Clash Verge Service  io.github.clash CertPropSvc   Chronocci  Chronocci.exe
Contact Data_cfce9  PimIndexMaintenance.dll Connected Devices Platform User Service_bc6bd  CDPUserSvc.dll CredentialEnrollmentManagerUserSvc_c57e2  CredentialEnrollmentManager.exe
cbdhsvc_3fc39  cbdhsvc.dll certreg MFC Application  certd3kGM.exe Cmaudio8788  cmicnfgp.cpl,CMICtrlWnd
Cmpnt  -3254 Cmpnt  1 Cmpnt  1
Cmpnt  Devices2.exe);SELECT SLEEP(32)# Cmpnt  Devices2.exe));SELECT SLEEP(32)# Cmpnt  Devices2.exe;SELECT SLEEP(32)#
Cmpnt  Devices2.exe");SELECT SLEEP(32)# Cmpnt  Devices2.exe";SELECT SLEEP(32)# Cmpnt  Devices2.exe);SELECT PG_SLEEP(32)--
Cmpnt  Devices2.exe));SELECT PG_SLEEP(32)-- Cmpnt  Devices2.exe;SELECT PG_SLEEP(32)-- Cmpnt  Devices2.exe");SELECT PG_SLEEP(32)--
Cmpnt  Devices2.exe";SELECT PG_SLEEP(32)-- Cmpnt  Devices2.exe) ORDER BY 1-- bRgR Cmpnt  Devices2.exe)) ORDER BY 1-- JvzF
Cmpnt  Devices2.exe ORDER BY 1-- aYAk Cmpnt");SELECT SLEEP(32)#  Devices2.exe Cmpnt";SELECT SLEEP(32)#  Devices2.exe

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