Control ACLs Program  gnaquopx.exe Cache de police de Windows Presentation Foundation  PresentationFontCache.exe Configuration automatique des périphériques connec  NcdAutoSetup.dll
Conversor de grupos para el Administrador de progr  grpconv.exe Connected Devices Platform ユーザー サービス_86e7fa  svchost.exe Connected Devices Platform ユーザー サービス_1e8a547  svchost.exe
Configurazione automatica dispositivi connessi all  NcdAutoSetup.dll Connected Devices Platform User Service_30480  svchost.exe CDPUserSvc_347dc  svchost.exe
CDPUserSvc_63b2d  svchost.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_5c2c1  svchost.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_46a41  svchost.exe
CDPUserSvc_29261  svchost.exe cmd.cmd  cmd.cmd CyberLink Product - 2012/02/05 17:13:20  kmsvc.exe
CDPUserSvc_2bc42  svchost.exe Core Temp Autostart warna  Core Temp.exe Corel License Validation Service V2 x64, Powered b  PsiService_2.exe
CaptureService_cd3e3  svchost.exe ctfmon  ctfmon.exe2121121121212.1 ctfmon  ctfmon.exe and 1=1
ctfmon2121121121212.1  ctfmon.exe ctfmon  0 0  ctfmon.exe
0  ctfmon.exe ctfmon  0 ctfmon  0
0  ctfmon.exe 0  ctfmon.exe Connected Devices Platform User Service_2af67b  svchost.exe

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